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LatinoLA: The Howling Faith Band Profile - May 10, 2018

Riding the Latinx Storm of Definition: The Howling FaithLatinoLA - Celebrating Latino voices, souls and lives

Riding the Latinx Storm of Definition: The Howling Faith

Within itself, The Howling Faith Survive

By Xiuy Velo
Published on LatinoLA: May 10, 2018

When music groups seem only to exist for the sake of breaking up within a year or two, The Howling Faith have endured in their search for a musical homeland for over 10 years. Whether identified as American, Latino, Latinx, Mexican, American, Chicano or whatever today's flavor is, this group is the best reflection of what the City of Los Angeles tends to offer and also what it tends to avoid and overlook.

The Howling Faith is a female-fronted trio: Laura Sanchez-Ishida on vocals/bass, Danny Rodarte on guitars, and Jaime Ramirez on drums. All of them hail from differing parts of the same City that prides itself on cultural amalgamation and freedom, but at the same time demands niche worship and musical conformity.

In LA, you're either a rocker or a rapper, a college folkie or a folklorista, a metal head or a mariachi. But If you're a group with musical influences of 60's instrumental legends (i.e. Thee Impalas, The Premiers, Duane Eddy, Dick Dale), and you synthesize them with the desert leanings of Calexico and 80's Cowpunk, then you are exercising that LA freedom while at the same time upsetting the musical cart of conformity. 

The Howling Faith don't care. Their tribal dancing, guitar laden, semi-narrative ramblings of music refuses to put them in a "us or them" category as in "not white enough for the Americana scene and not ethnic enough for the Alt-Latino scenes". This non-conformist meshing of styles is what happily keeps them performing, wandering, and mapping out the entire city, scene by scene, from the hipster DTLA breweries to the Eastside barrio's hole-in-the-wall dives.

Although the group's rising popularity is beginning to find them successfully out on the road, true to faith, they remain on the fringes of any alternative home or scene that survives or lives and dies out there in La La Land. Stay tuned.

About Xiuy Velo:
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