The Howling Faith is a band that likes to keep things simple: melodic guitars, fiery vocals, more than a passing nod to some of the great "college radio" and alternative guitar bands of the 80's & 90's, with an extra twist of surf twang thrown in because why the hell not. When asked, "What do you sound like?", after a pause, some squirming and kicking at the dirt, founding members Laura Ishida and Danny Rodarte usually say with a shrug, "Garage-desert-surf-twang."   

We are Los Angeles natives - born and raised - which surely has a huge influence on our musical tastes and weird outlooks in general. Maybe being from L.A. also makes us yearn for the open spaces, letting our music take us there when gridlock is the rule. So ride with us, roll the windows down, and let us drag you through an old warehouse by the L.A. River on our way to the open desert. We'll give you a tightly woven guitar-bass-drums attack, soaring vocals, distorted and twangy guitar hooks, and just the right dose of reverb to create an L.A.-meets-the-open-spaces kind of sound. 
The Howling Faith is Laura Ishida on lead vocals and bass, Danny Rodarte on guitar and vocals, and Jaime Ramirez on drums.