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"Duane Eddy twang meets CCR with an 80's cowpunk vibe thrown in for good measure."  

The Howling Faith is a no-frills guitar driven band that blends the "college radio" alt-rock sound of the 80's & 90's with a little surf/twang and some well-placed dynamics to create an LA-meets-Mojave sound. 


the breeze 

Good lingering thoughts. I was out in my backyard last night around 9 or 10 and there was a cool breeze, unlike what I usually get in my area. The sky was clear, stars visible, there was a peaceful calm permeating the darkness and silhouettes of still bare tree branches. And when the breeze kicked up, it instantly evoked somewhere else, away from the city. The breeze cooled me, refreshed me, sent me somewhere else, distant. Made me want to be under the stars, at the beach at night, in the desert, on a cabin deck in the forest, on a lonely stretch of Highway 395 near Lone Pine.... Pondering the stars, talking about natural wonders and plants and music and the breeze and the scents it brings, that kinda stuff. Throw in a campfire, even better. Just letting my mind run for a few nice minutes. Wow - something so simple as a cool breeze can whisk me off to magical spaces. That's a good thing, right? And a punch in the stomach at the same time.

We think we have a ghost... 

There's some weird, unexplained activity going on in our practice studio tonight:  Laura seeing a popcorn bag moving back & forth on it's own; same popcorn bag drastically changing position across the room while we talked (we didn't actually SEE it move, but nobody had gone over to it since we noticed it shaking not long before!); guitar slide falling to the ground unprovoked and rolling with force into Danny's foot; moving shadows where there should be none; and now Jaime's got the Ghostbusters gadget on his phone going crazy with blips picking up some type of activity and frequencies, occasionally spitting out actual words, some of which we can really stretch and apply to us!  Not the first time we've noticed things, but never this much in one night.  We're not spooked.  Yet.....

Is it Fall yet? 

...oh to be walking through the higher elevations on a gray autumn day, the ground moist and covered with fallen leaves and pine needles, every step evoking the scent of wet earth and pungent brush.  Various shades of brown and orange and yellow and muted greens are everywhere.  Deep breaths of crisp cool air burns nostrils and tickles the lungs.  Only the crunchy sounds of your footsteps and wind whooshing through the quickly thinning leaves breaks the silence.  You talk to yourself and marvel aloud.

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Previous events

The Howling Faith @ The Redwood Bar & Grill

The Redwood Bar & Grill, 316 W. 2nd St., Los Angeles

Come take a trip on a pirate ship! We return to the cozy confines of the Redwood Bar & Grill - one of DTLA's liveliest watering holes. Pirate theme, great burgers & fries, full bar, top notch live music, a menagerie of eclectic folks, great people watching - what more can you ask for?!?! We hit the stage at 9:00, followed by Heavy Velvet, Illy & The Spills, Vibe Candy. Only a $5 cover. 21 & over


The Howling Faith @ Godmother's Saloon

Godmother's Saloon, 302 W. 7th Street, San Pedro

Howdy!  New year, a new show!  Meet us in San Pedro on Friday January 31 at Godmother's Saloon, 302 W. 7th Street, San Pedro.  We'll play music, you can hoot & holler!  We're joined by special guests Hard Promise, making their debut playing the best of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, U2, and other stuff you'll recognize.  The night starts at 8:00 pm, it's FREE and if you're 21 or over, you can waltz right in!  Both bands will play 2 sets.  We look forward to seeing you.....

The Howling Faith @ The BLVD

The BLVD, 2631 Whittier Blvd., Los Angeles

It's a full night of local/loco rock & roll in Boyle Heights! We are smack dab in the middle of the lineup, with Los Fauna, The Hidden Depths, The Sad Girls, & Kal Madsen. This is gonna be a high energy night!! $5 cover, 21 & over

The Howling Faith @ The Cinema Bar

The Cinema Bar, 3967 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City

It's our first time playing at The Cinema Bar - help us pack the place! The Cinema Bar is an old-school intimate bar with lots of....character. And a full bar. And no cover. 21 & over. Our friends Birds of Bad Weather and Blind Pony will be joining us - come early, stay late!!

The Howling Faith@The Redwood Bar & Grill

The Redwood Bar & Grill, 316 W. 2nd St., Los Angeles

We're excited to hit the Redwood Bar & Grill stage one more time before the holidays kick in full bore. This one is going to be a lot of fun, lots of talent onstage: The Division Men from Austin, Texas are closing out their tour, and LPIII & the Tragedy fly in from somewhere in L.A. to round out the lineup. We're on first, hitting the stage at 9 pm, and we promise we won't be playing any Christmas songs! 21 & over $5


The Howling Faith @ The Redwood

The Redwood Bar & Grill, 316 W. 2nd St., Los Angeles

Join us as we return to this DTLA pirate-themed (!) institution for another great "IN FUZZ WE TRUST" show. Full bar, great sound, tasty pub food, hidden booths, and a no-holds-barred anything goes attitude onstage and off. $5 cover 21 & over

The Howling Faith @ Cafe NELA

Cafe NELA , 1906 Cypress Ave., Los Angeles

It's been a little while since we've played here in our beloved L.A. - our backyard. Join us at this no frills rock & roll roadhouse, near our own L.A. River. And it's drummer Jaime's birthday, oh yeah! FREE! 21 & over


The Howling Faith@Britt Marie's Wine Bar-Brunch

Britt-Marie's Wine Bar, 1369 Solano Ave., Berkeley

We change it up and play in the sunlight for 2 brunch sets at this Bohemian wine bar! Wake up to Mimosas, quiche and ambient versions of our songs!! All ages. FREE. 2 sets starting at 11 am.


The Howling Faith@Britt Marie's Wine Bar

Britt-Marie's Wine Bar, 1369 Solano Ave., Berkeley

We're excited to return to the Bohemian confines of this funky cool Berkeley wine bar. Amazing European-inspired food, a fabulous wine program and local beers on tap. All ages. FREE! 8 pm


The Howling Faith @ The Escondite

The Escondite, 410 Boyd St., Los Angeles

We return to the teeny tiny high-rise stage at The Escondite. Full bar, craft beers, burgers & stuff to munch on, stellar view of the DTLA skyline, and free parking! 21 & over. FREE! 2 sets starting at 9 pm.


The Howling Faith @ Indie Brewing Co.

Indie Brewing Co., 2350 Sunrise Street, Los Angeles

It's time for the June installment of our monthly residency. The BBQ has been killer, the brews cold and crafty, and we love playing in front of a wall of kegs! All ages. FREE! 2 sets starting at 8 pm.


The Howling Faith @ Angel City Brewery Father's Day Food Truck & Music Fest

Angel City Brewery, 216 Alameda St., Los Angeles

Father's Day show! Show Dad how cool you are - or how cool HE is - by treating him to live indie music and tasty craft beers. We play 1 set starting at 6 pm. All ages. FREE.


The Howling Faith @ Indie Brewing Co.

Indie Brewing Co., 2350 Sunrise Street, Los Angeles

We'll be wearing our special band shoes, and playing our Indie-Garage-Surf-Desert-Imagery-Psychedeiia songs! Our monthly residency continues at this rising star of DTLA craft breweries. The shows are intensifying, the energy level's rising, and we're feeling pretty darn comfortable here, lettin' our hair down. You WILL dig this place, so come on out! Food on site or bring your own; Dodgers on the tube; FREE admission!; all ages.

The Howling Faith @ The Prospector

The Prospector , 2400 E. 7th Street, Long Beach

We take our show down to Long Beach this Thursday! Rain? What rain?? Come on out, get a little wet, and soak up some stellar musical offerings!! With Tango, Take Pictures, and Brown Sugar Blasphemy. $5 21 & over