the breeze

Good lingering thoughts. I was out in my backyard last night around 9 or 10 and there was a cool breeze, unlike what I usually get in my area. The sky was clear, stars visible, there was a peaceful calm permeating the darkness and silhouettes of still bare tree branches. And when the breeze kicked up, it instantly evoked somewhere else, away from the city. The breeze cooled me, refreshed me, sent me somewhere else, distant. Made me want to be under the stars, at the beach at night, in the desert, on a cabin deck in the forest, on a lonely stretch of Highway 395 near Lone Pine.... Pondering the stars, talking about natural wonders and plants and music and the breeze and the scents it brings, that kinda stuff. Throw in a campfire, even better. Just letting my mind run for a few nice minutes. Wow - something so simple as a cool breeze can whisk me off to magical spaces. That's a good thing, right? And a punch in the stomach at the same time.

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